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“Separated United Forms”

cast bronze, concrete, in-ground lighting
sculptures: 7.5′ x 12.5′
platform: 20′ x 40′

Installation view Huntington Hospital
Pasadena, California.
Photo Credit: Eric Staudenmaier

“Separated United Forms” was commissioned in 2006 by the One Percent for the Arts in collaboration with the Pasadena Arts Commission.

Responding to the function and location of the Huntington Pavilion, I selected a work by Henry Moore titled “Reclining Form”, 1966, a small, two-part marble sculpture, in the collection of the Norton Simon Foundation, Pasadena. The Henry Moore sculpture was scanned using a hand-held 3D body-scanning device also used by medical facilities such as the Huntington Pavilion. Using 3D modeling software and rapid prototyping process, the resulting three-dimensional models were superimposed, rotated, doubled and enlarged, generating new animate forms that reference the “vital life force”.

Photography by Eric Staudenmaier, Bob Davidson

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