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MATERIA: Investigative Collaborations in Health/Medicine + Art” is a group show as part of Cabinet Magazine‘s Intern Initiative, curated by Suzanne Stroebe and Matthew C. Wilson.

April 21–24, 2010
Cabinet Magazine, 300 Nevins Street, Brooklyn
Reception: Friday, April 23, 6–8 pm

Inspired by the interdisciplinary nature of Cabinet, Matthew C. Wilson and Suzanne Stroebe have brought together ten projects created by collaborative pairs of artists and health professionals. Created specifically for this exhibition, each collaborative piece is an investigation into materiality, drawing on the unique combination of each pair’s professional and creative practices. The result is a collection of work that transcends boundaries in order to engage the public in a discussion about how art and health affects us all. This dialogue, about the process of collaboration and the blurring of boundaries between health and aesthetics, is as integral to the show as the projects presented in the exhibition space.

For more information and examples of the collaborators’ work,
see the MATERIA blog.

Michelle Stroebe and I collaborated for the Materia project. Michelle is a Nutrition Scientist and  based in the west coast. We designed a poster and a card that could be distributed, handed out, framed, and otherwise used as a a way to raise awareness of food consumption and chemical additives.

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