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From One Side to the Other, I’ve Dreamed That Too.
323 Projects
Curated by Robert Crouch, Volume Projects, LA.

“Considering Eve Sedgwick’s brilliant essay Queer and Now as a model for thinking critically about the winter holidays, 17 artists have been invited to present work which addressed Christmastime as not necessarily a season for rejoicing, but as a defined period of struggle and resistance.” –Robert Crouch

For this project, I read excerpts of Eve Sedgwick’s “Binary Calculus” and mixed the recording through guitar pedals, vocoder, and effects board.

Click below to listen:
Binary Calculus Remix

Participating artists:

Marcus Civin
Dino Dinco
Zackary Drucker
Seth Horvitz
Nina Katchadorian
Killsonic Women’s Chorus
M. Lamar
Marc Manning
Lucas Michael
Taisha Paggett
David Schafer
Susan Silton
Jacob Sperber
Dorian Wood

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