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The Stranger that is Next to Me: a collaboration between Brandon LaBelle and Echoes

Broadcast on and 88.3 FM (Campo de Santa Clara) between 7 and 9 March 2014, Lisbon, Portugal.

Errant Bodies, Audio Diffusion, Berlin, Germany, June 12, 2014.

“Noise Action for Radio”, 10:00, edited for radio program Echoes.

A collection of audio works from practitioners around the world concerned with and focused on The Stranger ….

“That is over there, that is right in front, that is moving away, that is fast approaching, at the next table, sitting across, staring into space, with nothing to do, that brushes passed, or that bumps into me, outside, on the beach, that interrupts, and that suddenly lends a hand, as the embodiment of city life, that I cannot overlook, whose fortune is to remain on the periphery, who dislikes being a stranger, riding his bike, that stops to look into the window, on her phone, that is no one and everywhere, that I do not know nor ever will, whose eyes never stop moving, that smiles at us or that seems threatening, that loves to sing in public, without a home, and that I wish to meet, that I overhear, and as a question of community.” -Brandon LaBelle

Click here for full list of contributing artists



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