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Art Center College of Design
Faculty Dining Room – Hillside Campus
Pasadena, CA

Jan 15 – May 15

Laura Cooper
Joshua Holzmann
Mitchell Kane
Tom Knechtel
Olga Koumoundouros
Allison Miller
Ryan Perez
Jean Rasenberger
Jessica Rath
David Schafer
Tony Zepeda

Binary Complex-Permutation: BL/YL/GN/RD Alternating Score for Tonal Duet
36” x 42”
Epson print on Epson paper

The audio composition and visual animation was generated from a permutation based on two sets of 12 units that are composed equally of two colors. Each of the four colors are assigned a note based on Alexander Scriabin’s ‘color music’ from 1909. The permutation of possible arrangements is 924 for each set. The musical score represents the layering of the two visual sets, one set starting at the beginning, and the other starting at the end. The total length is 3 hours and 5 minutes.

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