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Josh Callaghan
Ken Lum
Kristen McIver
David Schafer

Royale Projects
432 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Royale Projects is pleased to announce Off the Charts featuring works by Josh Callaghan, Luftwerk, Ken Lum, Kristin McIver, and David Schafer that transform the visual representation of data and analytics into contemporary artworks. The world in which we live in is almost entirely governed by algorithms. The volume of data being produced, gathered, analyzed, and stored has never been greater. Works included in this exhibition merge art and information making critical commentary of an increasingly networked age. 

Binary Complex is comprised of sculpture, sound, and print that structurally explore the idea of binaries using composition, color, sound, and data. The sculpture includes 2 sets of 12 bins with each color assigned a note based on the Russian composer Alexander Scriabin’s synesthetic theory of tone and color from 1909 (A-green, C-red, D-yellow, and F#-blue). Alternating the different color-note combinations from the 924 ways the two sets of bins can be arranged, Binary Complex Permutation: Alternating Score for Tonal Duet creates the digital form of the algorithmically generated sound playing throughout the space while Binary Complex Tonal Duet Score presents the musical notation that provides a score for musicians to perform using traditional instruments. 

Card image
Installation views
Photo: Rubin Diaz

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