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March 8, 2014

DSE performed live at the event NOISECONOMY at Printed Matter in NYC.

NOISECONOMY poster was printed in an edition of 100 off-set litho.

Other performers were Marcia Bassett and Matthew Regula.


“LOL: A Decade of Antic Art”

June 10-September 4, 2011
Opening Reception Friday June 10, 6-9pm.

“LOL: A Decade of Antic Art” is a survey of recent artworks which either riff off or intervene on the real. “LOL” includes works by Kendall Bruns, Kahty Chen Milstead, Chto Delat?, Patrizia Giambi, Gimhongsok, Larry Hammerness, Jonathan Horowitz, Katie Kehoe, Nina Katchadourian, Larry Krone, Jennifer Levonian, Ryan Mulligan, My Barbarian, Dan Perjovschi/Nedko Solakov, William Powhida, Rob Pruitt, David Schafer, Alysse Stepanian/Philip Mantione, Joey Versoza and the Yes Men!

A short review in the Baltimore Sun is included here.

Three pieces were included in this show. “Untitled Expression: Classroom Excercises” and “Untitled Expression: The Enunciation Lecture” were shown together in one space.

The front window of the museum was used to display the installation, “Richard Serra: The Signature Series”. The third piece, which will be screened at a local theater is a video titled “Choreography for Mime: Making a Sculpture”.

From One Side to the Other, I’ve Dreamed That Too.
323 Projects
Curated by Robert Crouch, Volume Projects, LA.

“Considering Eve Sedgwick’s brilliant essay Queer and Now as a model for thinking critically about the winter holidays, 17 artists have been invited to present work which addressed Christmastime as not necessarily a season for rejoicing, but as a defined period of struggle and resistance.” –Robert Crouch

For this project, I read excerpts of Eve Sedgwick’s “Binary Calculus” and mixed the recording through guitar pedals, vocoder, and effects board.

Click below to listen:
Binary Calculus Remix

Participating artists:

Marcus Civin
Dino Dinco
Zackary Drucker
Seth Horvitz
Nina Katchadorian
Killsonic Women’s Chorus
M. Lamar
Marc Manning
Lucas Michael
Taisha Paggett
David Schafer
Susan Silton
Jacob Sperber
Dorian Wood

An Exchange With Sol Lewitt”, curated by Regine Basha. The exhibition will be on view at MASS MoCA from January 22, 2011-March 31, 2011, and on view at Cabinet from January 20, 2011-February 19, 2011.

For this project, I read Sol Lewitt’s “Sentences on Conceptual Art” and mixed the recording through effects pedals, vocoder, and effects board.

Click below to listen:
Sentences on Conceptual Art Remix

Collective Show is an artist-organized exhibition of contemporary art collectives. It is a collaboration between artist-run space Silvershed and not-for-profit space Participant. The show aims to further creative relationships and conjure new ideas by fostering locally-run “collective shows” in art metropoles globally.

MATERIA: Investigative Collaborations in Health/Medicine + Art” is a group show as part of Cabinet Magazine‘s Intern Initiative, curated by Suzanne Stroebe and Matthew C. Wilson.

April 21–24, 2010
Cabinet Magazine, 300 Nevins Street, Brooklyn
Reception: Friday, April 23, 6–8 pm

Inspired by the interdisciplinary nature of Cabinet, Matthew C. Wilson and Suzanne Stroebe have brought together ten projects created by collaborative pairs of artists and health professionals. Created specifically for this exhibition, each collaborative piece is an investigation into materiality, drawing on the unique combination of each pair’s professional and creative practices. The result is a collection of work that transcends boundaries in order to engage the public in a discussion about how art and health affects us all. This dialogue, about the process of collaboration and the blurring of boundaries between health and aesthetics, is as integral to the show as the projects presented in the exhibition space.

For more information and examples of the collaborators’ work,
see the MATERIA blog.

Michelle Stroebe and I collaborated for the Materia project. Michelle is a Nutrition Scientist and  based in the west coast. We designed a poster and a card that could be distributed, handed out, framed, and otherwise used as a a way to raise awareness of food consumption and chemical additives.

What Matters Most?” is a group show and benefit organized by Amy Lipton and  the non-profit organization, EcoArtSpace at Exit Art. It began with responses to this question posted on Monday February 15th on Andrew Revkin’s NY Times blog, Dot Earth by leading environmental experts, writers and readers and is still active in the archive (click on Dot Earth above). Participating artists have the option of creating an original artwork related to the blog entry of their choice or donating an existing work.

Read related article here.

“Public Ecology”
6″ x 9″
engraved plastic

Think Pink, curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody

February 13 – March 20, 2010
249B Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL.

GALLERY HOURS: TUESDAY – SATURDAY 11am-6pm, and by appointment.


Marina Abramovic|Jose Alvarez|Susan Anderson|L.C. Armstrong
Lisa Anne Auerbach|Andy Avini|Natalia Benedetti|Lynda Benglis|Louise Bourgeois
Isaac Brest|Nancy Brooks Brody|Carolyn Carr|Michael Combs|Will Cotton
Heather Cox|Martin Creed|E.V. Day|Peter Dayton|Stephen Dean|Yandin DeFay
Wim Delvoye|Jonny Detiger|Louise Erhard|Phillip Estlund|Margaret Evangeline
Alesha Fiandaca|Arlene Florence|Dana Funaro|Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
Nelson Hallonquist|Trenton Doyle Hancock|David Haxton|Mary Heilmann
Nir Hod|Rachel Lee Hovnanian|Airan Kang|Marina Karella|Deborah Kass
Richard Klein|Kinke Kooi|Lee Krasner|Jason Kraus|Nicola L|Rachel Lachowicz
Cary Leibowitz|Zane Lewis|Tim Liddy|Dylan Lynch|Burton Machen|Helen Marden
Paul McCarthy|John McCracken|Patrick McMullan|Jason Middlebrook
Christopher Milne|Marilyn Minter|Maynard Monrow|Takashi Murakami
Ruby Neri|Michele Oka Doner|Vincent Olinet|Jen O’Malley|Camilo Ontiveros
William Pagano|Kembra Pfahler|Jack Pierson|Randy Polumbo|Anselm Reyle
Pipilotti Rist|Kathy Rudin|Will Ryman|Martin Saar|Noh, Sang Kyoon
David Schafer|Frank Selby|Bruce Sherman|Hunt Slonem|John Sonsini
Victor Spinski|Steven & William|George Stoll|Kirsten Stoltmann
Angela Strassheim|Juan Usle|Bob Wade|Debora Warner|John Waters|Rob Wynne
Liu Ye

EXHIBITION 4.01162010
Opening: January 16th, 2010 / 6 – 10. Closing: February 7th, 2010 / 8 – 11.

MVSEVM Chicago
1626 N California ave. #2
Chicago, IL 60647.

Karen Archey
Chris Bradley
Brian Dongarra
Dominic Paul Moore
Montgomery Perry Smith
David Schafer

+ listenings from recorded Japanese fluxus
compositions by Toshi Ichiyanagi & Kuniharu Akiyama

curated by Bret Schneider


My project “Future Conversations of Architecture” involves a narrow wood column from floor to ceiling with 7 speakers mounted on it. Emitted from the speakers are random fragments of conversations sampled and remixed from an LP from the 1950’s regarding the future of modern architecture. Accompanying the column and speakers is a graphic depicting 7 iconic works of architecture that are superimposed.

“Implausible Structures” was curated by Suzanne Stroebe for the Artillery art fair at Castlebraid in Bushwick, Brooklyn. September 12 – October 31.

Angela Basile
Dan Carlson
Rebecca Curry
Jana Flynn
David Schafer

The image is a still from a Three Stooges episode entitled, “How High is Up?” from 1940. The sculpture is an interpretation of that image.